December, 2019. Interactive Telecommunications Program, New York University.
Raspberry Pi, BodyPix.js, WebSockets, Node.js, Wood Box, Mono Panel Mount, Mono Patch Cable

SELF_REINFORCEMENT explores the relationship between HUMANS, COMPUTERS, and how they “see” and interact with each other.

The piece allows for a HUMAN to work with a COMPUTER to create a HUMAN-like form using the video feed from multiple cameras observing the gallery crowd. The video feed is processed in real time by the BodyPix Tenserflow.js library to isolate body parts.

A HUMAN, via a control box, can assign the feed from any of the video feeds, to a body part. The result is a body-collage that may have many heads, torsos, and so on. The HUMAN and COMPUTER work together to create a representation of a person. Both the strengths and biases of each are combined to create the final representation.