February, 2020. Interactive Telecommunications Program, New York University.
Raspberry Pi, Node.js, Snowboy Hotword Detection, Wood Box, LED, Microphone, Pill Box.

Collaboration with Benjamin Moll.

PLEAD_FOR_YOUR_PILLS is critical of the American health care system and the power health insurance providers have over people.

With or without health insurance in the United States, people who need medicines or health services have to deal with arbitrary democracy in order to receive care. I myself am I Type 1 Diabetic, and experience this frequently when dealing with insurance to get medicines covered.

In order for a person to get their daily pills, they must plead with their pillbox to open. If one gets desperate enough, the pillbox may decide to unlock.

Interacting with the pillbox feels just as cold as the interactions where people beg insurance companies for drugs like insulin, that they need in order to live.